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The best wireless headphones under 100

Sweat-resistant, cordless and smooth music headphones are the first choice of everyone. What if you can get all of these qualities under $100? Here at MyReviewing we tested different products and filtered the best wireless headphones under 100 for you. The 100% sweat resistant Jabra Elite 75t wireless headphones are our favorite. As, in this price range, this pair of headset offers the best combination of performance and functions. Their sound is excellent for both music and phone calls, and their use is a delight. The reduced size of these headphones makes them both comfortable and discreet. Moreover, their controls are easily managed. In addition, a battery charge takes more or less a full day’s work. Consequently, making them the best wireless headphones under 100.

Let us dig into the article to learn about the best options for wireless headphones under 100.


Image Product Features Price
Powerbeats Pro Powerbeats Pro

  • Brand:              Beats
  • Colour:             Black
  • Connectivity:   Bluetooth
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best Skullcandy Sesh best Skullcandy Sesh

  • Brand:              Skullcandy
  • Colour:             Black
  • Connectivity:   Bluetooth
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Jabra Elite 75t Jabra Elite 75t

  • Brand:               Jabra
  • Colour:             Titanium Black
  • Connectivity:   Technology
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Jabra Elite 75t

Jabra Elite 75t
9.3/10 Rating

The Bluetooth Jabra Elite 75t top our list of best wireless over-ear headphones under 100. Firstly, their sound is excellent, they fit comfortably in the hollow of the ear, and their wireless design is particularly practical. Compared to our previous favorites, the Elite 65t, the new models are more compact and light, their battery lasts 7.5 hours (against 5), and their controls are simpler. Jabra has abandoned the small separate volume controls of the 65t in favor of a larger multifunction button that can be used on each headset, capable of controlling playback and pause, volume, navigation in the tracks and activation of the digital assistant.

The array of four microphones and enhanced active noise reduction provide your voice with exceptionally clear sound during phone calls. They are considered as the best although the Elite 75t do not offer active noise reduction, they block most of the outside noise; a transparent mode also allows you to choose to hear your environment if necessary. The storage case is compact enough to fit in a pocket. Moreover, it charges via USB-C and gives headphones just over two full charges makes them the best Bluetooth wireless headphones under 100 dollars. Finally, the Jabra two-year warranty protects you from unforeseen problems. These best wireless headphones under 100 are also available with high quality.


Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro
9.6/10 Rating

If you cannot find the Jabra Elite 75t, or if you are addicted to Apple and want to find the easy pairing enabled by the new Apple H1 chip, we recommend the Powerbeats Pro. Like Air Pods, Power beats Pro pairs quickly and easily with Apple devices.

They also include voice activation “Say, Siri” and allow you to wear only a headset to keep an ear on what surrounds you; on the other hand, they do not have a transparent mode, unlike the Jabra. Power beats Pro is distinguished from Air Pods by their resistance to water, their stable base, and their volume and navigation controls. Their sound is excellent, with slightly reinforced bass, and their very enduring battery works nine hours in music listening and six hours in a phone call. They gain an hour and a half of autonomy by being placed only five minutes in their recharging case. These best over the ear wireless headphones under 100 allows you to fully charge the headphones one and a half times before having to be recharged itself, but it is not as compact as the Jabra Elite 75t headphones or Apple Air Pods. In addition, the Powerbeats Pro is significantly more expensive than the Elite 75t.


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  •  Who are wireless headphones for?
  •  Our method of selecting the best 100% wireless headphones
  •  Our in-ear headset test protocol
  •  The best 100% wireless headphones: the Jabra Elite 75t
  •  Non-crippling faults
  •  Another great choice: the Beats Powerbeats Pro
  •  Affordable wireless headphones: the Skullcandy Sesh
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Why trust us?

I graduated from the University of Ithaca in music and sound production, and I tested a thousand headphones and earphones as part of my work for MyReviewing.
In addition, to testing material for various audio/video magazines, I spent many years working as a radio engineer in leading recording studios before becoming a radio presenter and finally dubbing actor. I have written for Fast Company, Forbes, the Los Angeles Times and Time, as well as on Good Morning America, for BBC world service and NBC nightly news.
Our panel of experts is to be commended, which includes Brent Butterworth, audio/video writer with MyReviewing with decades of experience behind him, and John Higgins, musician, sound editor and occasional writer for MyReviewing with a master’s degree. Of music picked up at the University of Southern California. We collaborated with experts to come up with the best wireless headphones under 100 for you.

Who are wireless headphones for?

The best over-ear wireless headphones under $100 are intended for those who wish to listen without a hanging cord, and who prefer the convenience of use, sound, and comfort and call quality rather than other characteristics such as resistance to sweat or l isolation of external noise. Whether you are sitting at your desk, on a train, on an airplane, or in the back of a car, all of the wireless headphones, we have picked up deliver music to your ears with great sound and reliability, and transmit your voice, clear and audible, to your interlocutors. On -ear or over-ear Bluetooth headsets (MyReviewing guide in English) also meet these criteria, but their headband can interfere with glasses and they are much bulkier than 100% wireless headphones.

This guide to the best wireless headphones under 100 2020 covers, on the one hand, the traditional Bluetooth models, on which the two headsets are connected by a cable (the “neck strap”), and those which we call “100% wireless”, which look like hearing aids, both of which have no physical connection. In the absence of a cable fitted with a conventional controller, the microphones are installed in the earphones, as are any volume and navigation controls. These headphones can be tiny; many are content with reduced batteries not exceeding five hours, although the new Bluetooth chips of the 2019 models offer improved autonomy. Most charge in their carrying case.

100% of wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular; no wonder: they are light and can be forgotten. As a result, many manufacturers are now focusing their talent on launching this type of device, which explains why all of our favorite models are 100% wireless. However, if you prefer a model where the two headsets are connected, we also offer a selection of traditional Bluetooth headphones in the section of our other favorite headphones.

Most of the devices in this guide are water and sweat resistant but are not designed for very rough movements or extreme humidity. For training, we advise you to consult our guide to helmets and headphones for sport. Therefore, here is the complete guide for the best wireless headphones to watch TV under 100.
We have logically taken into account active noise reduction for this guide, but this is an optional function here. In addition, if you fly often or if you are looking for headphones offering the best sound insulation possible, go to our guide to the best headphones with active noise reduction.

Finally, if you are looking for the best headphones available for a limited budget, you can turn to our guide to the best Bluetooth headphones at a low price. Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to Bluetooth headphones, quality pays off, especially in terms of sound quality.

Our method of selecting the best wireless headphones

In order to find the best wireless headphones under 100 for everyday use, we first took into account each model offered by more than 100 recognized manufacturers who attach great importance to sound quality. However, the list was too long to test them all, even with the help of our experienced panelists! We, therefore, filtered the models based on the following key criteria:

  •  Excellent sound quality and a safe and comfortable fit are extremely important for headphones that you will use throughout the day. We have identified the models suffering from negative reviews from professionals, and have eliminated them. To find the best wireless tv headphones under $100, our panelists generally preferred the comfort and practicality of 100% wireless headphones to those of wired neck models, which is found in our selection. However, the fit to the headliner is even more important for such devices: if a headset slips when you move, it is only one rebound to disappear forever.
  • The quality of voice calls is also essential: you will no doubt be making many calls with these headphones. From this point of view, they must offer quality at least equivalent to those delivered with your phone.
  •  Another lasting feature on a Bluetooth headset that you will use every day is an enduring battery. We ask at least seven hours for headphones around the neck and four or five hours for “real” wireless, with a charging case. However, more is better!
  • The headphones must also resist splashes and sweat. Even if they are not designed for sports training, you are never immune to a heatwave or a thunderstorm.

Finally, we think it reasonable to keep the price below $250 for a pair of the best wireless headphones under 100 meeting all these criteria, and those where the two headsets are connected by a cable should cost less than $100 (although some functions, like active noise reduction, can justify a price of around $150). This is the sum it takes to get good design quality and good sound, all for a product from a recognized manufacturer with reliable customer service.

We also looked at wireless headphone tests by professional publishers such as CNET and PCMag, as well as user and fan reviews on merchant sites like Amazon, Best Buy and Head-Fi. Our list. In the past five years, we have spent more than 100 hours testing more than 150 pairs of wireless headphones.

Our in-ear headset test protocol

Our testers evaluated the sound quality, ease of use, fit and comfort of each model, before designating their three respective favorites. Then I took the top-rated best wireless headphones under 100 dollars to test the microphones with a sound recording app, both in quiet areas and in noisy places. I checked the reliability of the Bluetooth signal by moving away from my phone; I put it in a bag and I went out to place myself several pieces further. In addition, we, of course, tested the endurance of the batteries to ensure that the real-time of use corresponded to that announced by the manufacturer. After getting a clear idea of ​​the performance of each model, we took into account the price and optional features to choose our final winners.


The best wireless headphones: the Jabra Elite 75t

The best wireless headphones: the Jabra Elite 75t
9.3/10 Rating

The Jabra Elite 75t is a treat to use: they offer all the advantages of traditional Bluetooth headphones but without any wireless. These headphones are the updated version of our previous favorites, the Elite 65t. They are among the smallest and lightest of all 100% cordless models but should fit securely in ears of very different shapes. Jabra Elite 75t is best in-ear wireless headphones under 100. As their controls are simple and easy to use, the endurance of the batteries is announced for seven and a half hours of listening, which is more or less enough for a full working day.

The charging case is compact enough to fit in a jeans pocket and offers twenty hours of additional battery. The sound quality is excellent and the microphones remarkably reduce wind noise while clearly transmitting your voice to your interlocutors. If you have to face the bad weather, know that the 75t is resistant to water and dust: they are classified IP55. Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. Their noise reduction is so good that we can unhesitatingly say that they are the best wireless headphones noise reduction under 100.

Moreover, the Elite 75t is equipped with Bluetooth 5, which should avoid the many dropped calls and hatched music that affect many older wireless headphones. During our tests, I was able to walk up to three walls of my phone without experiencing a cut; I even left it upstairs to descend a flight of stairs and run to check the mail six meters away, without the Elite 75t interrupting my call. Of course, pipes, steel beams, and other elements can have an impact on your experience, but we were very pleased with the stability of the connection indoors and outdoors, and even in areas of strong interference such as gym or metro. If you are looking for the best wireless headphones under 100 then Jabra Elite 7t is one of them.

In addition, the 75t supports connection to two Bluetooth devices, which allows you to link them to your phone and computer at the same time.  The Jabra 75t comes with Bluetooth 5 technology making them the best over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones under 100. You can listen to music played by it, and take a call without having to reconnect the headphones to the Smartphone as on so many other models (such as AirPods and Powerbeats Pro): just pick up the phone so that the Jabra spontaneously change audio source. In addition, if you take them out of your ears, the music will automatically pause. The best wireless headphones gaming under 100 are also available.

Unlike many 100% wireless headphones tested by us, the headphones of the Elite 75t offer a feeling of comfort and safety, even when running, jumping or shaking your head. Small and light, they do not swing, come out or fall at the first movement a little lively. With three pairs of ear tips to choose from, all of our testers were able to find a suitable combination, even those whose gigantic or too small ears often find it difficult to find headphones that stay in place. The Elite 75t are much more discreet than most of their competitors, which can appeal to users who do not want to, draw attention to their headsets, forcing us to consider them as best wireless headphones under 100

The Elite 75t offers more controls than most competitors. Each headset has a large button and, by various combinations of clicks and long presses, you can pause, adjust the volume, navigate from one track to another, pick up or hang up, and activate a digital assistant. We found this new configuration of controls easier to handle than that of the Elite 65t. In addition, unlike many headsets with a touch sensor, the buttons on the 75t do not accidentally trigger when your hand brushes against your ear. We appreciated the absence of a loud click when pressed and the sensitivity sufficient to avoid having to painfully press the earpiece into your ear before getting a response. The Elite 75t is compatible with iOS and Android. Sweat-resistant, cordless,
in addition, smooth noise reduction makes them the best wireless headphones for working out under 100.

The joined and insulating design of the Elite 75t helps block outside distractions. However, if you have a conversation or prefer to hear your surroundings, a short click on the button on the left atrium activates the “transparent” mode, which uses the microphones to transmit outside sounds through the headphones. With the free Jabra Sound + app, you can choose whether this action pauses music or reduces its volume, allowing you to hear a mixture of it and your surroundings. In addition, the 75t protect your hearing: if something very noisy passes nearby, the transparent mode is cut until the noise is removed, rather than broadcasting this sound in your ear canals.

Music fans will be happy to hear that the sound quality of the Elite 75t is frankly good. During our tests, we found that the default configuration reinforced the intensity of the bass and included a bump in the higher frequencies, highlighting certain consonants. However, the Jabra app allows you to adjust the equalizer. Once your sound is personalized, the Elite 75t saves your settings, allowing you to listen to music with the dominant bass or the powerful voices of your choice without having to go through the application again. The representation of the depth in the 75t impressed us: we found a real three-dimensional quality to our sound in this pair of best wireless headphones under 100. Most of the models tested had a more compressed rendering, without relief.

The Elite 75t uses a matrix of four microphones similar to that of the 65t, but wind reduction has been improved.  These qualities make the Elite 75t headphones are the best Bluetooth wireless headphones under $100. When using the 75t in a quiet room for calls or videoconferencing, my interlocutors heard me very clearly. To test the wind reduction, I stood in front of an air conditioner, with the ventilation on, and called Brent Butterworth. He told me that he heard the sound of the air hitting the microphones first, but as soon as I spoke, the volume of this noise dropped dramatically. Other headphones using this kind of technology compress the sound of your voice; Brent found mine much richer and more precise with the 75t than with other headphones tested. Therefore, if you are looking for the best wireless headphones under 100 then you must go through different customer reviews. By checking all unbiased reviews, we concluded the Elite 75t is the best cheap noise-canceling wireless headphones under 100.

Jabra claims life of seven and a half hours for fully charged batteries, which should take you almost after a day’s work. Personally, I have achieved even higher endurance by listening at a reasonable volume and making a handful of calls of less than ten minutes each. Of course, the listening volume and the call time can have a moderate impact on your results. The charging case is small enough to slip into the coin pocket of jeans, but it provides an additional twenty hours of battery life. Even better, the start of charging the earphone batteries is quick: after 15 minutes in their case, you have one hour of autonomy. The case itself recharges with USB-C. Jabra Elite Active 65t is one of the best wireless headphones under 100 as well as, the best noise-canceling wireless headphones under 100.

Do not be afraid of being caught in a downpour: the earbuds are classified IP55, which means that they support dust, rain and a little sweat without a problem. You can take the 75t to the gym for a moderate session; however, in case of heavy sweating, you might prefer our favorite sports headphones, the Jabra Elite Active 65t 2020, which are rated IP56. We recommend you to also try Jabra Elite Active 65t headphones as the best wireless headphones for gaming under $100 no mic.
Although Jabra guarantees the Elite 75t for two years against damage due to dust and water, this model is not covered in the event of excessive sweating. The Active version benefits from enhanced protection, but its earbuds are a little larger and its batteries last a little less. For more information on headphones suitable for sport, consult our guide’s best headphones for the gym and the best headphones for running.

Non-crippling faults

Although we like almost everything about the Elite 75t, we have found some aspects that are still imperfect. For starters, like all 100% wireless headphones, they suffer from a very slight lag, a few milliseconds, when watching videos or playing on your phone. You can buy any best wireless headphones under 100 according to your choice and budget.

Even if the Jabra Sound + application allowed us to find a satisfactory sound profile for the Elite 75t, we would have preferred that the bass and treble were better controlled with the default settings. Before our adjustments, we found the bass a bit strong and the treble rather cold. It is not a big flaw, but it would have been nice to have the sound we wanted without any adjustments.

During our tests, we noticed that when the Elite 75t were placed in transparent mode without playing sound for a while, the volume of outside noise could sometimes pulse quickly when the phone read a notification. The phenomenon only lasted a second and did not occur during music playback or during a phone call; it was therefore hardly annoying. However, since we noted this problem on the Elite 65t, we think it should simply no longer exist. We have contacted Jabra and will update this note if new firmware resolves this issue. So do not waste your time here and there, just get the best wireless headphones under 100 on Amazon.

the Beats Powerbeats Pro

the Beats Powerbeats Pro
9.6/10 Rating

If you cannot find the Jabra Elite 75t or if you have multiple Apple devices and want to take advantage of the best pairing system, the Beats Powerbeats Pro is excellent. These 100% wireless headphones have the same H1 chip as Apple’s AirPods: you, therefore, benefit from the same quick and easy pairing and the same voice activation by “Say, Siri”. Undoubtedly, making Beats Powerbeats Pro the best on-ear wireless headphones under 100. Overall, the Powerbeats Pro is superior to the AirPods: they offer full controls for playback and volume, resistance to water and sweat, and longer battery life that reaches nine hours of listening (or six hours of calls).

The earbuds stayed securely in our ears and the sound was pretty good especially the barely boosted bass forced as to say them best wireless headphones under 100. However, the charging case is a little big for our taste (see the comparison in the photo below), the tips can produce a rustling noise when you place them in your ears, and the basic price of 250 € is frankly high. It is the best headphone but has a price of more than $200. Beats Powerbeats has excellent noise reduction, which makes it the best wireless noise-canceling headphones under $100. The top-rated Beats Powerbeats Pro reviews 2020 are given below:

These headphones have a perfect sound and battery life.

Note, if you ignore it, that Beats is owned by Apple. In addition, the main advantage of Powerbeats Pro against the competition is their ability to quickly connect to the brand’s equipment: they are equipped with the same H1 chip as the AirPods and are paired just as instantly. Just open the case next to your iPhone, and an icon offering the connection appears on the screen. Click and it is done! If you are signed in to your iCloud account, Powerbeats Pro will also appear on all Bluetooth menus on your Apple devices, after pairing them to a single device. You can also use them with equipment from other brands, but you must then connect them individually to each terminal. You can switch between devices as with other Bluetooth headsets. The beats Powerbeats pro are the best over-ear wireless headphones with transmitter under 100.

Another feature popular with Apple fans? The famous “Say, Siri” always listening. Therefore, you can use your voice to trigger the Apple Digital Assistant without pressing a button. On another platform, you can always activate your digital assistant by pressing and holding the multifunction key on a headset. These advance multi-functions make it the best wireless headphones under 100.

As long as we are talking about the controls, the two headphones have identical buttons: one for the volume, and a large multifunction button that manages playback, pause, navigation from one track to another, taking call and activation of the digital assistant. Both are easy to find and can be pressed comfortably. This is not the case on many other wireless headphones, the buttons of which make a loud “click” or painfully push the earpiece into the ear canal when pressed. Each headset can also work on its own if you prefer to use only one side (like a traditional call headset) or to hear your surroundings better. You can get the best wireless headphones under 100 with the latest functionalities.

Traditionally, Beats headphones are known for their loaded bass sound, ranging from “a little bit” to “downright overwhelming”. However, the bass is rather controlled on the Powerbeats Pro: the sound of these headphones proved to be frankly excellent during our tests. Are they perfectly neutral and authentic? No. However, we found the bass enhancement pleasant, without blurring or reverberation. The higher frequencies, such as consonants and cymbals, have been found to be clear and unsaturated, although purists may blame them for a lack of brilliance or detail. The effect is reminiscent of a good set of speakers on which the subwoofer would be set a bit louder. If that is something that speaks to you, you are going to love these headphones. Generally, we find the sound quality as good as on the Jabra, and it is really a matter of taste. Note that these allow you to adjust the equalizer; on the contrary, with Beats, what you hear out of the box corresponds to what you will hear throughout your use. A true masterpiece choice for the best wireless headphones under 100 lists.

The quality of the microphone was fairly good when we took calls in a quiet room, and it worked well on video calls. Beats has programmed a sensor that reduces the level of the microphone when you are not speaking, in order to reduce outside sounds. That said, outdoors, microphones can still transmit environmental noise when you speak. The latency is quite reduced: you will therefore not notice a significant lag between sound and image on your phone, tablet or laptop.
The Powerbeats Pro is water and sweat-resistant: they can accompany you in sports and withstand a little rain. However, they do not have IP certification; we therefore always advise those who sweat a lot or who regularly practice outdoor sports to turn to our guide to helmets and earphones for sport, where our favorite is classified IP56 and guaranteed two years against damage due to sweat. These best wireless headphones under 100 are guaranteed for one year, but Beats does not say anything about sweat resistance.

Do not be afraid that the Powerbeats Pro will fall out of your ears: the flexible stabilization hook that slides around the horns provides extraordinary support for most ear shapes. I took our test pair to the gym for a brutal 90-minute workout, with many jumps and varied movements, and the Powerbeats Pro did not budge. This style of headphones is among the most comfortable we have tested. For once, an advertisement praising the stability of a pair of headphones using known athletes (video) keeps its promise. However, this design also has a drawback: the Powerbeats Pro is much less discreet than other models and they remind a little of the Bluetooth headsets of the dynamic frames of 2007. That said, if people can get used to walking with the look “White cigarette stuck in the ear” of AirPods, we think they will be done without problem to the aesthetics of Powerbeats Pro.

These best sound quality wireless headphones under 100 provide four sizes of silicone ear tips, which will provide most users with a good seal. However, the earpiece material is rather thin: it tends to crease in the ear canal when you put the earphones on for the first time or when you adjust them. They are also not the most insulating models we have tested: watch out for the volume when you take the train. In addition, for the plane, we would rather recommend another model, such as the 1more Dual Driver BT ANC in-ear headphones.

The large loading box is one of the disadvantages of Powerbeats Pro: you will not slip it into a pocket unless you are a fan of hiking pants. However, unlike the competition, the announced autonomy of nine hours listening or six hours in communication may allow you not to keep the case on you permanently. During our tests, with the volume set to 50%, our pair greatly exceeded the nine hours planned: the batteries finally expired two minutes from the twelve hours! Of course, the autonomy will vary depending on your use and in particular, the volume you choose, but nine hours is an impressive result compared to other 100% wireless headphones currently available. That said, overall, the Powerbeats Pro is the best wireless in headphones. Their main problem is their cost. At the normal price of $250, they exceed Apple’s AirPods with the wireless charging box by € 20 and the basic AirPods or Jabra Elite 75t by € 70. We think superior performance makes it a better choice than AirPods Pro for fans of Apple (or Beats, for that matter); but for the rest of the users, we do not see how to justify the price and make it our first choice. You can buy the best wireless headphones under 100 from different websites.

Affordable wireless headphones: the Skullcandy Sesh

Affordable wireless headphones: the Skullcandy Sesh
9.1/10 Rating

The best wireless earphones for low budget

If you want completely wire-free headsets but are scared of the high prices, the Sesh are an affordable choice with quality sound, and their manufacturer offers a lost headset exchange program. You can get the best wireless headphones under 100 on Amazon.
The best Skullcandy Sesh strikes the right balance between reasonable price and satisfactory performance. Under the € 75, most wireless headphones suffer from many handicaps: concerns such as loss of signal, interference, catastrophic sound quality, discomfort, wobbly or absent controls, or even poor assemblies; all of this detracts from the feeling of freedom you would expect from such devices. But the Sesh do not question your pleasure: they offer simple controls, a comfortable port, a reliable Bluetooth connection, correct sound, an IP55 classification against water, sweat and dust, a two-year warranty and an exclusive replacement program in the event of loss of a headset(explanations in English). Their only real drawback is their autonomy: at three hours per charge, you absolutely must keep the charging case on hand. It will give you seven hours of extra endurance and it remains compact enough to fit in a jeans pocket. Skullcandy Sesh is one of the best wireless headphones under 100.

The Sash is not the smallest headphones we have tested, but they are minimalist and light enough to not weigh in your ear. In addition, they also remain discreet visually. The Affordable Skullcandy Sesh provides three sizes of silicone ear tips and all of our panelists were able to find an effective attachment. Each headset has a unique touch, which covers the entire surface of the chassis and is therefore very easy to find with your finger. The controls are quite sensitive: you will not need to stick the earpiece in your ear to change tracks or adjust the volume. The clicks are also quite gentle, with no loud clicking that would attack your eardrum. All the basic controls are there: calls, navigation, volume, PDA, play and pause. If you are looking for the best wireless headphones under 100 Reddit then you have many choices. Some of the best wireless headphones under 100 audiophile are given below:

  •  Jaybird Tarah Wireless Sports Headphones.
  •  Anker Life Q20 Wireless ANC Headphones.
  •  Braven Flye Sports Fit Wireless.
  •  Altec Lansing True Evo Wireless Earbuds.
  •  House of Marley Positive Vibration XL.

You can buy any of them according to your choice. These are the best wireless headphones under 100 passing all the sound and quality tests. You can also get the best wireless gaming headphones under 100 on Amazon. These headphones can also be used when you are in the office as they are the best office headphones and music under 100 wireless office.

In terms of sound quality, the Sesh dominated most of the headphones in this price range. The bass is more intense and may seem a little too loud, especially on hip-hop songs, but this model does not blur and crush male voices like many of its competitors. The high frequencies are a bit weak: the softened “s” sounds resemble a vaporous “ch” rather than a frank “s”. Overall, for headphones costing around sixty dollars, the sound of Sesh is fantastic.
The microphone also offers better sound than you would think. Although this model picks up more ambient noise than the Jabra Elite 75t, the speakers hear your voice clearly, without giving it a metallic or distant effect. In addition, you can use the left earpiece alone for calls, if you prefer to keep an ear free. Undoubtedly, the best wireless noise-canceling headphones under 100 dollars.

The Bluetooth connection is reliable: I moved away to two walls of my iPhone without interruption or hesitation. Of course, metal pipes and beams can still cause interference: these are the laws of physics applied to Bluetooth. However, without obstacle, the signal of Sesh should not be cut before fifteen meters. You may notice slight latency when watching videos, but not to the point that the actors appear to be doubled. Skullcandy sesh re available in $60 makes them the best wireless headphones under 100

We appreciated the fact that once paired the Sesh switches on automatically as soon as they are removed from their case to connect to the last device used. When we put them back in their box, they go out and start charging. As with the more expensive models, you can forget about power and connection issues, which many affordable competitors cannot offer.

The Sesh’s case is a little larger than that of the Jabra Elite 75t, but it remains more compact than that of the Powerbeats Pro. It fits easily in the pocket of most jeans. LEDs located outside the box indicate the remaining charge level. When fully charged, the built-in battery provides an additional seven hours of listening time.
One of the big concerns of people who hesitate to test 100% wireless headphones? Fear of losing an earpiece. It’s legitimate: most of the time, if you lose a headset, you have to buy the whole set, or the cost of replacing the unit is such that it is as simple to buy a new pair. Skullcandy’s Fearless Use program addresses this concern: if you lose or break an earpiece or case, you can return what is left and the company will send you a new pair for the price of the broken or missing part. For Sesh, a headset will cost you fifteen dollars and the charging case twenty: it is not free, but it can reduce the anxiety of having to spend € 60 several times a year if you tend to lose your stuff.

In addition, there is a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects, which also covers damage due to water, sweat, and dust. Rated IP55, the Sesh supports rain, sweating, and particles from a hike in a desert canyon. For occasional sports sessions, Sesh will do the trick, especially if the tips are well suited to your ear canals. That said, we think that during a particularly violent training, the headphones can gradually become detached from your ears. In addition, their insulating design is not ideal in terms of safety when running outdoors. For regular athletes, we advise you to consult our selection of headphones for sport or for running.

The Sesh do a lot for their price, but endurance is not their strength. Three hours for a full charge: that’s the bottom of the pack of the best wireless headphones under 100, just in the average of models under € 75. During our tests, with the volume set to 70%, the Sesh barely exceeded the three hours announced. Of course, taking calls, pausing music and using different volumes affects autonomy, and the case allows you to charge without looking for an electrical outlet; but in a perfect world, we would like our headphones to last longer.

Our other favorite headphones


Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro
9.3/10 Rating

Apple AirPods Pro 2020: This model is a huge improvement over the basic AirPods, in sound quality and versatility. If you’ve decided to buy AirPods, take the Pro. The present bass had better hold moderate resistance to water and sweat (IPX4 rated) and active noise reduction make them the best headphones ever created by Apple. The simplified pairing thanks to the H1 chip is always appreciated, the compact case is practical, the wind noise reduction microphones effective, and the friendly iOS interface. However, although the AirPods Pro is good for Apple fans, other users may find that they are not worth their price. During our tests, their sound quality largely dominated that of the basic AirPods. Before you purchase anything, you should check the best selling Apple AirPods Pro reviews 2020.
Active noise reduction works well, but it is not adjustable and can cause a feeling of “sucked eardrums” in some users (for more information on this phenomenon, see our guide to active noise reduction headphones ). The open design of the headphones explains that the Pro does not offer significant isolation when noise reduction is turned off, but they still produce a slight plugged ear effect (explanations in English). With an autonomy of four and a half hours, they will not be able to withstand a medium-haul flight or a day’s work without a stop by the “recharging” box. The Pro is resistant to water, but its design is much less adapted to brutal activities than that of the Powerbeats Pro and it is less resistant than the Jabra Elite 75t (classified IP55). We appreciate that Apple has given up on tapping control, but the commands to press remain demanding (we often paused the music while trying to move to the next track).

In addition, it lacks volume control, present on both the Jabra Elite 75t and the Powerbeats Pro. The best Apple Air Pod Reviews 2020 are given below:

  •  It is one of the best wireless headphones.
  •  It is costly.

If you have € 250 to spend and appreciate the pairing process offered by the Apple H1 chip, we recommend the Powerbeats Pro: excellent sound, better ergonomics, better autonomy, and better stability during sports sessions. However, if you really want noise reduction, the AirPods Pro is the best choice among products designed for Apple devices. In the end, we still prefer the ability of the Jabra Elite 75t to connect to two devices (such as a computer and a phone) simultaneously, as well as their better installation in the ear and their more accessible price. It’s not that we don’t like Air Pods Pro, but we just prefer to use other models.

Amazon Echo Buds: these headphones will mainly attract those who use the Amazon ecosystem a lot. Connected to your phone, Echo Buds offer permanent contact with Alexa: its portable Echo equipment. Unlike other Alexa compatible products that we have tested, Echo Buds avoid duplication of requests when you are near other Echo devices. They are also good headphones: they are small and comfortable to wear, the sound quality is good, the controls are easy to use, and the price reasonable. Each headset can be used individually, and music automatically pauses when you take one-off. The battery life is respectable, at five hours per full charge, and the case provides fifteen hours of additional listening. The inconvenient? The obligation to leave the Alexa application open on the phone to access this function as well as the lack of physical commands on the headphones. Bose noise reduction reduces the hum of an air conditioner or an airplane but is not as effective as that of a Bose 700 headset set to the maximum: we consider it half less powerful, which can be good news for those who are sensitive to the “suctioned eardrums” effect. 1More Dual Driver BT ANC: The best wireless noise-canceling headphones under 100

It offers a traditional design with a neck strap. Their active noise reduction has two modes: one, more intense, is practical by plane, the other, more moderate, intended for everyday transport. A transparent mode makes it easy to hold conversations without having to take off a headset. The flexible neck strap can be rolled up for easy storage in a pocket. Unlike many noise-reducing Bluetooth headphones, the 1More model also offers a wired mode using a supplied cable, and noise reduction remains functional: it is, therefore, an excellent choice for using screens intended for passengers on airplanes line. During our tests, the rendering was a bit exaggerated and artificial in the treble and bass but remained pleasant overall. Significantly, 1 More Dual Driver BT ANC is unhesitatingly the best wireless headphones under 100.

1More Stylish True Wireless: this model is a good choice for users with narrow hearing canals or those in whom the in-ear headphones are not in place. The various choices of rings and ear tips, as well as the light chassis, make these headphones more comfortable to wear for hours than competitors at a similar price. With six and a half hours, autonomy is also good. After the release of this model, 1More added the possibility of controlling the volume using the buttons: remember to update the firmware to take advantage of it. Our tests revealed a sound with dominant bass, a little blurry on male voices; otherwise, these headphones could have been our favorites.

Jabra Elite 65t: our former first choice is still a fantastic product, combining excellent sound quality, complete volume and playback control, five hours of endurance per charge (with ten more hours including the case) and calls particularly clear telephone calls. However, the new Elite 75t sets the bar even higher with improved range, reduced footprint, simpler controls, and better wind reduction by microphones and a slightly smaller charging case makes it the best wireless headphones under 100. If in your opinion, these updates are not worth the price difference, the 65t remains an excellent choice, especially if you find them under 120 €.
Jabra Elite Active 65t: We love these 100% wireless headphones for training, as you can see in our guide to sport headphones. However, the main reason for opting for the Active version is its resistance to sweat: unless you plan to do an intense activity, you can settle for the normal 65t version and save your money.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go: this model has many qualities. The headphones are very comfortable and stay in place in the ears, and we appreciate the separate controls for volume and navigation, even if the volume keys are a bit small for those with big fingers. The 10-hour battery life and Bluetooth carrying 30m are impressive for this category, and the fabric-wrapped case like the earbuds themselves look well constructed. However, although the sound is pretty good, the bass is swollen to the point of veiling the male voices on the songs loaded in the bass. We would also like to have a transparent mode so that we do not have to remove the headphones for each conversation. The top-rated Master & Dynamic MW07 Go price is $199.
The Best Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3150 2020: We love these headphones for running, as you’ll see in our guide to jogging helmets. For other activities, however, the sound quality is not that of the Jabra Elite 75t and the case is a bit strange.

The truly cordless and noise reduction qualities make it the best under 100 wireless headphones.
Plantronics BackBeat Go 410: These affordable headphones reduce noise well, their sound is pretty good and they’re comfortable. The flexible collar that connects the two ear cups is light and pleasant, and it folds easily to fit in the small bag provided. The battery, announced for eight hours with active noise reduction (ten hours without), does not last as long as we would like, but these best wireless headphones under 100 support a long-haul flight or a full working day. Unlike most Bluetooth headphones, the BackBeat Go 410 can also be physically connected: the charging cable also acts as a 3.5 mm jack, which allows you to use these headphones when the battery is empty. However, active noise reduction does not work in wired mode.


The ones we are waiting for

Bose has announced its first 100% best over-ear wireless headphones, the Earbuds 500, as well as the active noise reduction model Earbuds 700. Both will be launched in 2020.
Cleer Ally Plus headphones should offer 10 hours of battery life on a charge, and 20 hours more on the case. When we took a look at CES 2019, we didn’t find them bulky or annoying. They will be classified IPX4 and will cost € 200 when they are launched.
Audio-Technical has announced two new models of 100% wireless headphones, the ATH-CK3TW and the ATH-CKS5TW. The first announces an autonomy of six hours and 24 hours more in the case and should cost around 100 €. The second should last fifteen hours on a single charge, its case adding 30 additional hours, and manage aptX, SBC and AAC compatibility, for around $170. ATH-CK 3TW and ATH-CKS5TW are the best true wireless headphones under $100.


To date, we have tested just over 200 Bluetooth headsets and earphones. Therefore, we will not list all the models here even if we have carefully noted them. If a specific model attracts your curiosity, do not hesitate to contact our team to ask your questions. In addition, if you like physical activity, consult the guide to headphones for sport: many models designed for exercise are listed there.

The Ideal Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 has very strong and aggressive bass, without volume control, while the Liberty 2 Pro produces hissing high frequencies: the “s” of the songs sizzle intensely.
Depending on the shape of your face, the protrusions of the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 can press on your cheek. The sound quality is not perfect either: the high frequencies have an artificial rendering where the snare hits resemble clicks rather than powerful impacts.

We found the Aukey EP-B33 headphones comfortable to wear. If they offer to choose between three sound profiles, the options range from an exaggerated dominance of the bass (with which men’s voices appear flat) to a peak in the high frequencies (which gives hissing songs, like a lisp). No choice is catastrophic, that said: these headphones are a good option, especially if you find them for less than € 60. They just aren’t as good as our favorites.

The fins of the best selling Aukey EP-B60 2020 are fixed: you cannot, therefore, mix tips and horns to adapt them to your ear. In addition, the earpieces only offer fairly small sizes: half of our panelists have not managed to obtain a well-sealed installation in their ear canals. Aukey EP-B60 earphones are so cheap yet very competitive makes them the best wireless headphones under 100. The best selling Aukey EP-B60 price is $59. It is one of the best wireless running headphones under 100.

The Aukey EP-T16S has a small case, small ear cups, and small tips, too small to make an effective joint in the medium or large auditory canals. In our tests, in cases where they were suitable, they gave a ton of bass, crushing male voices in hip-hop and electronic music, and a little aggressive treble. Despite their size, we do not recommend these earphones for small ears: in our experience, it is not enough to have miniature tips to fit comfortably and safely in such ears (a hook or a flag help). Aukey EP-T16S is another of the best wireless headphones under 100.
The Great Aukey Key Series T10 has several small flaws that have led us to rule them out. Their box is really big, and putting or taking out the headphones is difficult. Our tests revealed a peak in the treble, giving piercing “s”: each word containing a whistling sound comes out suddenly and uncomfortably. In addition, the T10 cannot switch off without their box: if you put it down somewhere, you have to leave the headphones inactive for five minutes so that they go to standby.

We found that the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6 had decent bass, but a range of hissing high frequencies that gave a metallic sound to the harpsichord and piano. Our panel did not find the stabilizing pavilions comfortable. Although the earbuds are designed to be tied around your neck, the magnet is not strong enough to hold them in place. The Motion version gives the same sound and just has water resistance. Aukey Key Series T10 is one of the best wireless on-ear headphones under 100.

B&O has multiplied the good ideas for the Beoplay E8 but spoiled them when putting it into practice. The touch controls and the transparent mode did not work very well during our tests, and none of the equalizer settings produced excellent sound. At best, we got metallic and whistling highs and a stage sound lacking in-depth, far from what we could expect from headphones at 300 €. The Motion version price is $350.

The Top Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd offers good sound quality with the default settings, and they allow you to test your hearing to adapt the sound. Their cable has three attached elements (the transmitter, the battery, and the remote control) which hang heavy and create unpleasant traction. In addition, in November 2019, Beyerdynamic launched a recall campaign for this model, the electronic components of which could overheat during charging.

The Bose QuietControl 30s offer excellent noise reduction and are clearly built to last, but if controlling environmental sounds isn’t your top priority, other choices are likely to be better. During our tests, the audio quality turned out to be good but a little dull, and these headphones cannot receive a wired connection: it is therefore impossible, for example, to use the screens of the seats of an airliner. Bose QuietControl 30s are considered as the best wireless over-ear headphones under 100.

The Braven Flye Sports Rush suffers from low spongy, acute stifled and buttons that create a loud click and dig uncomfortably earpiece in the ear.
Although the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1s offer good sound and come with a nice optional silicone carrying case for the charging case, we had trouble getting the tips to seal properly and the buttons caused loud clicks when of use. Melomania 1 also suffers from significant latency, which affects the pleasure of watching videos.
The Cleer Ally does not have navigation or volume controls. They also produce fuzzy and spread out bass sounds, too soft for the mix: they lose the pep of the bass lines. In addition, those with large ear canals may find it difficult to hold the ear tips effectively.

Brent Butterworth loved the sound and comfort of Ear Fun Free, like the rest of us. For their price, the sound quality is quite fantastic, with detailed treble and slightly enhanced bass that does not crush the Mids, giving the music a pleasant feeling of envelopment. They are also comfortable to wear. The keys are silent, but when you press them, the tips sink slightly into your ears, in a somewhat uncomfortable way. The real concern? Out of five pairs tested, three presented technical problems. According to representatives of Ear Fun, the first copies we received may have been remnants of their Kick-starter campaign, but we found this disturbing enough not to make these headphones our budget choice.

The Top-rated Helm Audio True Wireless 5.0 2020 suffers from engorged and clumsy bass which crushes the voices of men, and when the keys are pressed, it pushes the headphones in the ears unpleasantly.

The House of Marley Liberate Air has a unique look and is built with a sustainable perspective, which we appreciate. However, their shape and slightly thin tips are not necessarily suitable for people with big ears. When we were able to get a good fit, the sound quality turned out to be good, with balanced bass and midrange, but the treble was a bit hissy. Overall, we didn’t hate this pair, but we preferred other models. You can check the House of Marley Liberate Air reviews on best wireless headphones under $100 on different websites.
Designed for sport, the JBL under Armor True Wireless Flash are lightweight and their extensions provide good stability in the ear. The metal box is heavy and, during intense activities, it will probably not fit in your pocket without painful rebounds. The “bionic listening” function (intended to hear the environment around you) works well for impromptu discussions, but it reduces the music volume so much that you cannot leave it activated to monitor the surroundings when running in the middle air. It also lacks volume control. The exceptional qualities make them the best wireless Bluetooth headphones under 100 and are also considered as the best wireless headphones 2020 under 100.

The JLab Jbuds Air Executive is not worth the Jabra Elite 75t or the Beats Powerbeats Pro, but they are satisfactory given their price. The microphones provide clearly audible calls, the battery life of six hours between two charges is good, and the USB cable provided in the small charging case is practical. JLab Jbuds Air Executive is the best wireless headphones under 100. However, we found their installation in our ears less stable than on our favorites, the sound was a little fuzzy in the low frequencies, the transparent mode suffered from a slight delay and a compressed sound, which can disturb, and the controls touch buttons were easily triggered when we just wanted to adjust the position of the earbuds.

The JLab JBuds Air Icon is fantastic in all areas … except for the sound. Pairing is easy, the port is comfortable and the well-designed charging case has a USB cable. They are also resistant to water and sweat. However, even with three equalizer settings, they cannot compete with our favorites: during our tests, the “balanced” mode suffered from soft and soft bass and hissing treble, the “bass boost” setting was much too strong and the reverberation masked all the other instruments. Finally, the “signature” option gave engorged bass, which crushed the male voices. If you only listen to podcasts, this is a great choice, but a music lover looking for the best wireless headphones under 100 2020 will certainly be disappointed.

The Klipsch T5’s lighter-shaped metal case is classy, ​​but heavy in the pocket. We found their sound quite good, but the characteristic elongated tips of Klipsch did not hold the earphones in the ears of our testers enough: after a yawn or a conversation, the earpieces began to slide outwards. Brent, who has large ear canals, was never able to get a good seal. The best Klipsch T5’s price is $100.

Launched at € 300, the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus are among the most expensive 100% wireless headphones on the market. If they seem very solidly built, they suffer from faults that we could better accept with less expensive models. Active noise reduction is just effective. The metal box, although elegant, is heavy in the pocket. In addition, although the drivers appear to be of high quality, the setting boosts the bass and treble just a little too much. These drawbacks don’t make them bad headphones, but they can be eliminated at this price.
The Monoprice True Wireless plus 38542 is ok, but a bit expensive for its quality. The use of buttons pushes the ear tips into the ear, which makes it difficult to order with several clicks. Men’s voices are slightly veiled by heavy bass and high frequencies seem a bit muffled, lacking in a crunch; that said, the effect is not the worst we’ve heard. On the whole, they are not bad, but they would be more in their place under the $50.

The Phiaton BT 150 NC is very appreciable with their mobile tips, their easy to use touch control and their light and comfortable neck strap. The sound quality exceeds most headphones in this range, active noise reduction works well and this model can be plugged into a cable. We were considering them to add to our best wireless headphones for under 100 lists. The necklace, however, seemed to us not very solid and it does not fold, which can be embarrassing when traveling.
The Plantronics BackBeat Fit 300/305 is almost excellent. We found their port to be safe and comfortable. The sound is not at the level of the best but has no particular defect. Unfortunately, if the fabric-covered cable looks elegant and robust, it transmits noise like a telephone made of cans. If you do not afford such expensive headphones then the Plantronics BackBeat Fit 300/305 is one of the best wireless headphones under 100.
Our tests of the best selling Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100 revealed a loaded sound at low and muffled high frequencies. The mediums seem fuzzy and distant. The result is not bad, but it lacks clarity and detail. The touch controls have lots of configuration options, but we wish we didn’t have to sacrifice the volume control to take advantage of it. These headphones are best on-ear wireless headphones under 100.

Gamers may like the very low latency of the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless but their structure without waterproof tip means they lack bass. Touch controls are also a bit complicated.

Despite the superb design of the RHA MA650 Wireless, the sound is a bit metallic, with surprising frequency peaks. It gives the impression that someone tried to touch the equalizer settings to bring out the voices, lowering the range of the guitars and some of the bass, only to finally reinforce the vowels. The metallic sound qualities were the reason we removed them from our best wireless headphones with mic under 100 lists.

The RHA TrueConnect does not fall maybe not your ears, but we have not found them very stable in our tests, despite the many tips provided. The really low frequencies were missing and the bass we heard seemed a bit blurry. As for the treble, it was freezing and hissing.
The RHA T20 Wireless are delivered with small screw-on filters, which allow you to modify the sound. It was a good idea for analog headphones, but with digital equalizers, it sounds silly, especially with filters that are so easy to lose! In addition, all configurations suffer from an unbalanced sound. Finally, there is the construction: the remote control has a metallic coating, which makes it a bit heavy and makes it pull on the cable. The tips are detachable, but when you remove them, the connectors can stick and tear off the wire. RHA T20 Wireless seems to be the best wireless sounding headphones under 100.

The Sennheiser HD1s are very comfortable and offer an elegant leather choker, but the piercing high frequencies dominate and we detected a kind of reverberation of the bass sounds.
If you like, a lot of basses, the Wireless has it, as well as easy-to-use touch controls. However, their chassis is a bit big, overloading small or medium ears, and does not resist water. In our tests, the consonants seemed particularly wheezing, piercing and artificial, and the application, EQ was poorly made and complicated to use.
The Skullcandy Push lack of large diameter bits: half of our testers were unable to obtain sealing. If you succeed, the Pushes are comfortable and seem fairly stable in the ear. However, single-button controls require a series of presses, and it is easy, for example, to pause when you want to change the volume or turn them off instead of launching the digital assistant. The Skullcandy Push are the best wireless headphones under 100 dollars in 2020.

The cheap Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0 does not allow navigation or volume adjustment, and the large buttons require you to push the headset into the ear canal when you press it. The high sibilant frequencies transform the “s” into whistles. The Sol Republic amps Air 2.0 headphones was our second choice for the best Bluetooth wireless headphones under 100 list.
The Sol Republic Shadow Fusion has an elegant necklace that sits comfortably on the neck and easy to feel controls. However, their sound suffers from hard, explosive bass and coarse treble.

We found the sound of the Status Audio BT Structure nice, with slightly enhanced bass, without being blurry or aggressive, and clear treble. The hook behind the roof effectively holds each earpiece, but the long cable that runs over the back of the head can catch on and is very noisy when you move. Although if you are looking for TV headphones, then Sol Republic Shadow Fusion is undoubtedly the best wireless headphones for TV under 100.

The Status Audio BT Transfer provided strong, fuzzy bass and muffled treble in our tests. The long cable can hang here and there and it transmits a lot of noise. Although the silicone moldings effectively hold the ear cups, the constant cable pull can be annoying when you turn your head.
Lauren Dragon (MyReviewing journalist in the United States.)